El Paso Mission Trail Association
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General Visitor FAQs

  • Where are the restrooms throughout the El Paso Mission Trail?

    Restrooms open to the public can be found at the Mission Valley Visitors Center, Speaking Rock Entertainment Center, Tigua Cultural Center, Tigua Recreation & Wellness Center, and the Los Portales Museum & Information Center. Restrooms open to patrons can be found at every restaurant and most art galleries.

  • What is the El Paso Mission Trail?

    The El Paso Mission Trail is a 9-mile historic corridor that connects two of the oldest continuously operated missions in the United States (Ysleta Mission and Socorro Mission) and a historic presidio chapel (San Elizario Presidio Chapel).

  • How long is the El Paso Mission Trail?

    The El Paso Mission Trail is a 9-mile historic corridor.

  • Where is the closest Visitors Center? When is it open?

    There are two Visitor Information Centers on the El Paso Mission Trail:

    The Mission Valley Visitors Center is located across the street from the Ysleta Mission at 9065 Alameda, El Paso, Texas 79907. This visitor’s center is open Monday through Friday from 9am – 4pm and Saturday/Sunday from 9am – 3pm. For more information: 915-851-9997.

    Los Portales Museum and Information Center is located next to the San Elizario Presidio Chapel at 1521 San Elizario Road, San Elizario, Texas 79836. This visitor’s center is open from Tuesday through Saturday from 10am – 2pm and Sunday from Noon – 4pm; closed on Mondays. For more information: 915-851-1682.

  • Who runs the Mission Valley Visitors Center?

    A group of volunteers from the El Paso Mission Trail Association whose primary mission is to educate, promote and preserve the treasures along the Mission Trail.

  • Who runs the Los Portales Museum and Information Center?

    The San Elizario Genealogy & Historical Society whose main purpose is to promote the history of San Elizario and encourage interest in family research.

  • Are there specific days and hours that I can visit the missions and chapel?

    With any visit to the El Paso Mission Trail make sure you plan accordingly to the hours of operation of the mission churches and presidio chapel.

    Ysleta Mission: Monday through Saturday, 7am – 4pm (Closed Sundays and Holidays)

    Socorro Mission: Monday through Friday, 10am – 4pm; Saturday, 9am – 6pm; Sunday, 9am -1 pm

    San Elizario Presidio Chapel: Monday through Friday, 7am – 9:30am; Saturday/Sunday, Open for Mass Services

  • Are the missions and chapel on the El Paso Mission Trail active churches?

    Yes, all three historic locations are active Catholic parishes with regular church services.

  • Are credit cards or debit cards accepted?

    Most locations do accept credit and debit cards .

  • If I want to learn more about the history of the El Paso Mission Trail, what books can I read?

    The Tiguas, Pueblo Indians of Texas by Bill Wright

    The Pueblo de Socorro Grant by Katherine H. White

    San Elizario, Spanish Presidio to Texas County Seat by Rick Hendricks and W.H. Timmons

    San Elizario, A History by Eugene O. Porter

    The El Paso Salt War by C.L. Sonnichsen

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